Hosted Email Services

Hosted Kerio Email service works side-by-side with your Mac and/or PC by synchronizing with Outlook®, Entourage, Apple mail, Apple Address Book, iCal or WebMail in real time without desktop sync or having to leave the office machine on.

Using wireless access, office and mobile calendars are synchronized to help avoid double bookings and improve time management. With server-side storage, the personal address book can easily and quickly be transferred from Outlook, Entourage, Apple Address Book, WebMail or an old smartphone to a new device.

10GB Mailbox £4.50 per month*

20GB Mailbox £6.50 per month*

(*Prices exclude VAT)

KMS Hosted Kerio Email comes with endless features like the following:
  • Email continuity
  • Advanced SPAM filtering
  • Advanced Anti-virus scanning
  • SPAM Quarantine Daily digest
  • Exchange ActiveSync Support
  • Sharing Private Folder
  • Accessing Public Calendar
  • Checking Free/Busy Time

  • Manage Contacts
  • Share Private Contacts
  • Share Private Email Folders
  • Share Private Calendar
  • Full CalDAV Support
  • Full CardDAV Support
  • Push Support to Mobile Devices
  • First class technical support