IT Support

Our Helpdesk customers can expect our assistance with a very wide range of IT technologies and products. We act as your ‘systems administrator’ for customers. Our service covers but is not limited to –

  • Microsoft based Local Areas Networks
  • Internet and remote connectivity – VPN, Web, Mobile access, wireless
  • Microsoft based Domain administration
  • Email Servers
  • Microsoft Office applications
  • Data and system Security
  • Data Backups

With a our support agreement, the Helpdesk will Identify any business critical difficulties you have relating to your computer hardware or operating system and will be actioned by close of business on the day the problem is reported, provided the request for support is received by 1.00pm.

Pricing for the helpdesk is based around a small monthly charge. In return you have guaranteed response to your query in addition to an initial technology audit and ongoing proactive monitoring of your environment.

Contact us today to find out how we can tailor your IT Support package to your IT Support needs.